It Speaks For Itself.

01st November 2012

A couple of independent gear reviewers, who we met last year, have sent us this video.  They had seen a picture of a man emerging from a lake in winter, wearing a Buffalo shirt and trousers.  He had been recreating a testimonial sent to us by a Buffalo wearer many years ago who had, whilst ice bouldering in Norway, managed to fall off with a chunk of ice into a plunge pool. He claimed he was ok after a short run.

This feat was tested by journalist John Fenna (pictured below) some years ago in a lake in the UK, and this is the test that Tristan re-created.

This is what Tristan did! Click Here.

As we say, speaks for itself really. A big thanks to Tristan and all the team at for doing this. They have also done a write up about the day and how it felt. Click Here.


Please note that there was a full safety team with Tristan on the day and we would not recommend that people try this themselves.