My Buffalo is damaged and is over 1 year old. What shall I do?

You may contact us directly and we can give you a quote for your repair, or you may return it to the retailer you bought it from too.

Can you repair my old Buffalo? We have been through so much together, I can’t throw it out yet.

Yes, we can look after your old friend.

We operate a service for general repairs and zip replacements.  Please contact us for a quotation before sending your garment to us.  Any item returned for repair must be sent via Recorded Delivery, and must be freshly washed.  Any item not freshly washed infringes upon Health Regulations and will be returned unrepaired.

Upon receipt you will be notified as to the repair required, and when your garment will be returned to you. We will also confirm the cost of the repair.

If you have a faulty zip, please call us first so we can assess the problem.

For replacement of full panels we will quote you for your repair after inspection by our specialist team.  This does not affect your statutory rights.

My local retailer does not stock the Buffalo garment I am interested in. How can I try before I buy?

We offer a sale or return policy through some of our retailers.  This gives you the opportunity to try on a garment before you commit to buying. Please note that you may be asked to pay the postage to the retailer, and any return costs to ourselves, depending on the size of the order.  This policy is subject to terms and conditions which are available from ourselves upon request.

I really want a Buffalo but they don’t quite fit me. Can you make one for me with longer arms and body?

We offer a Specials service at an extra charge where we can make the body or arms longer or shorter.  There are some limitations, and this is not a tailoring service to get a custom fit garment.  If you would like further information or advice on your specific requirements, please contact either your local Buffalo retailer, or call us direct – we will be happy to help.

I have lost the chin guard for my DP Hood. Can I get a new one without having to buy a whole new hood?

We hold some stock of the face pieces.  If you let us know what you need, we can supply you with one if you are the original owner of the hood