Brand Ambassador

Over the years Buffalo Systems has worked closed with some incredible athletes to help produce some of the most versatile outdoor apparel the world has come to respect. Once again we are teaming up with visionaries who are pushing the boundaries in their chosen fields to help develop a fuller understanding of our products and the environments they excel in.

Javed Bhatti 

Javed is a keen outdoorsman with a background in caving, climbing, mountaineering, nordic skiing, triathlon ….. well pretty much anything that involves being outside with friends. He completed his first marathon more than 35 years ago and then discovered ultra running in 2007. He is now a fell and mountain running coach, a busy parent, an organisation development consultant …… and has a special interest in personal and organisational resilience and how this changes over time.

He likes to practice what he preaches so is currently on a mission to double some of the most challenging running events, and in so doing explore and develop strategies to help others ‘learn and grow.’

He is the only athlete to have run a double Thames Ring (500 miles), the first Brit to complete the Fidippides Race (double Spartathlon at 306 miles) and the only ever person (as far as we know) to complete a double winter Pennine Way.

Javed key facts:

Age: Mid 50′s ………. but act as if I’m in my mid 20s, and am told rather flatteringly, that I look as if I’m early 40s. It must be all that fresh air and wholesome thoughts!

 Favourite run: Usually the last one that involves trails, and epic mountain or sea views. In the UK if I am in the South I simply love running on the Jurassic Coast especially on a sunny evening. And then in the North, it has to be the Yorkshire Moors and Dales, ideally on wet and windy afternoons when I can have the hills to myself, be fully immersed in the natural world and start to feel that I really could run forever.

 Worst run: I find running in cities particularly difficult. The noise, the crowds and pollution usually make me feel wheezy and crowded. There are of course some lovely parks (Sutton Park in Birmingham, Roundhay Park in Leeds, etc) and sometimes canal paths where you can still escape the hustle and bustle (Liverpool-Leeds Canal, Grand Union Canal between Birmingham and London) however nothing beats the wilderness.

 Most beautiful mountain: This one is easy. It has to be Penyghent in the Yorkshire Dales. It is such a classic shape in an amazing setting. It is a place where I have caved, mountain biked, scrambled, and run up and down, dozens and dozens of times. If I had kept a log I suspect it would show close to a hundred adventures with this friend.

 Favourite food while running: Since adopting a 21st century paleo diet I have become pretty fat adapted and eat very little even on the longest runs. What I do eat tends to be protein and fats in the shape of boiled eggs, cheese or nuts, or if I fancy something fresh I like Water Melon or an occasional grape. When I stop it will be traditional wholesome food. I drink to thirst and its rare that this is anything other than plain water.

 Best holiday: Almost any recent holiday that involves doing fun things with family and friends. I have just come back from a family beach holiday in Greece. I made it my mission to increase the size of the local hill by carrying 2 rocks to the top on each of my morning runs! I know this sounds a bit mad however it was entertaining for other runners, and great training benefit to boot.

Desert Island Item: A pale coloured buff. It would keep me cool in the day and warm at night. Most UK athletes overheat in the summer and get chilled during the winter. I just need to persuade Buffalo to produce something similar.

Javed favourite x3 Buffalo items & Why?

 1-     Special 6 Shirt (plus hood) …………… if I was only going to take one item out into the cold and wet it would be this garment. You have to be brave enough to wear it next to bare skin and you will be amazed to how well it performs. Its incredibly robust and versatile too. I have worn this for 14 days in a row and on some nights would take it off to air and then put it back on to sleep.

2-     The Curbar Windshirt ……. a firm favourite for most running or long distance walking events especially in the spring and autumn. It breathes so well that I sometimes forget to take it off when I get back home after a hard run.

3-     Teclite Gilet ………. perfect accompaniment for most activities. It is light layer that is easy to add to any combination of kit. I confess that I wear this with smart shirts as often as I do on the hill.