What’s the best jacket for winter walking?

A Special 6 Shirt or a Mountain Shirt worn next to the skin will give optimum performance, with the option of adding an extra layer if conditions take a turn for the worse or you need a break. For less challenging conditions, the Alpine Jacket combined with regular layers underneath offers a more casual alternative to our next-to-the-skin Shirts.

I’m used to wearing layers. Is a Buffalo shirt really warm enough for e.g. Winter walking?

Absolutely. We understand that the idea of wearing a single garment over bare skin, rather than multiple layers, can be difficult to accept. Our loyal customer base suggests that once converted, few people go back to their previous base/mid/outer/waterproof combination and are relieved to be free of the “waterproof tied round waist or stuffed in rucksack” dilemma.

What are the best Buffalo garments for Skiing and Snowboarding?

Any Buffalo garment can be used for Winter sports. The Fell and Alpine Jackets look stylish on the slopes and give you full winter mountain performance, as does the Hooded Belay Jacket. Our Salopettes can be worn to ski or ride in but they do not have any type of snow gaiter fitted. You should also check that they will fit over your boots as they are designed to wear over climbing/ walking boots, not ski boots.


I love my Buffalo Shirt in winter, but what can I wear in the Spring, Summer and Autumn to get the same comfort?

When you find your Winter-weight Buffalo too warm, products from our Lightweight range, such as the Men’s and Women’s Teclite and ActiveLite Shirts, and the Fell, Teclite and Teclite Belay Jackets, will be suitable.