Men’s Teclite Shirt

This is the high activity, mild weather alternative to the Mountain Shirt, when less insulation but maximum wicking is required. Used by Military, Police, Mountain Rescue Teams and outdoor professionals.

It is ideal for hill walking, trekking, climbing, mountain biking and general outdoor activities.

This garment works most efficiently when worn next to the skin.

  • Pertex®
  • Fast wicking Teclite micro-pile lining
  • Windproof to 40mph
Available colours
  • Black
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  • Integral technical hood tucks away into collar.
  • Spacious zipped front map pocket.
  • Internal Teclite micro-pile lined baffles on neck and side zips.
  • Touch-and-close cuff adjustment tabs.
  • Elasticated rear hem adjuster.
  • Handwarmer pocket.
  • Rucksack hip belt can be fastened through hand warmer pocket.
  • Tape and buckle waist adjuster.
  • Eight ventilation controls on each shirt including two way side zips.

Sizes: 36 / 38 / 40 / 42 / 44 / 46 / 48 / 50

Weight: 480g

Teclite Shirt 36 38 40 42 44 46 48
Chest Measurement 36″
Inside Arm 23″
Shirt Back Length 31″
Shirt Front Length 25.5″



All measurements are approximate. Buffalo Systems Limited reserve the right to amend any specifications in the interests of improving our products.


19 Reviews

  1. Andy says:

    A brilliant lightweight jackect for use in all conditions. Running all over the the mountains in Scotland and never overheated but i never got cold! No wind got through either.

  2. Frank says:

    I’ve been using the Teclite shirt for 10 years now . Mainly mountain biking but sometimes in conjunction with the salopettes when canoeing or skiing. A warm feel when you put it on and dries quickly, so no need to put wet gear on the next morning. OK on warm days too, just open some zips and you’re in business. Was sceptical when my mates bought Buffalos but 10 or so years in, it must be good!

  3. John Crewe says:

    I’ve had this jacket for a year now. In fact I have two – one for my casual use when I walk the dogs, or walking in the hills and it’s not cold enough for the mountain shirt and one for my sports coaching in the warmer months. It’s tough, very windproof and stops all but the heaviest rain – and even when it is sopping it dries so easily, which for me is such a big selling point. Totally recommended.

  4. Brice says:

    I bought this shirt for Ice climbing and back country skiing. The concept is good but the shirt needs some refinement. First the bad; The shirt does not integrate well with a harness and the zippered sides can be painful in a semi-hanging belay and when you are wearing your harness all day. The baggy-ness gets in the way while trying to see your feet during climbing and can get in the way when trying to get gear (slings, ice screws and cams) off your harness. Also the hood is extremely poorly designed. It does not work well with a helmet; on another note the detachable hoods on their other garments are even worse. What this shirt does bring to the table; the flexibility of this garment is impressive with the ability to open up the sides and vent directly to your skin. The classic combo of a wind and insulation layer is time tested and effective. The wide sleeves are probably over looked as an asset but they allow lots of ventilation. I truly like the large chest pocket that does not interfere with your climbing harness. For less technical pursuits this shirt is appropriate but for those requiring a helmet and/or a harness there are better choices out there. I find I don’t use this shirt much anymore and it just sits there un-used. The shirt is great I simply have other options that are better.

    Buffalo reply:
    The Teclite Shirt has been designed as a garment for walkers and not climbers, hence the reason the hood will not fit over a climbers helmet. This is also the case for the zips, and especially the hand warmer pocket as a harness will get in the way, though the zips can still be used for venting perfectly well. The slightly baggier nature of the cut is used to help cool you down is warmer conditions. Our climbers shirt is the Big Face Shirt and use the Expedition Hood, which is designed to be worn over a helmet, again something the standard DP Hood was never designed to do. Thank you for your comments, as I am sure they will help other people make an informed choice if they are climbing.

  5. Tony H says:

    Excellent top for walking – I use mine every day, mostly for the 05:00 dog walk (3 mile cross country) except for those odd occasions where it is too warm! It also goes on hols with me – it was excellent in the Azores which had a surprisingly British feel to the weather in July (it rained on several days) and will go skiing in January. On the odd occasion when it has allowed water through the shell, it was cold for a few minutes, then everything heats up and you don’t notice the damp any more.

    Less excellent for cycling though, the hood bunches up behind my neck and the colour (black) is not very visible. It looks like I’ll have to put a cycle teclite on my Xmas wish list!

  6. Tony H says:

    Addendum to original post:
    Areas for improvement:
    1: Cuffs can be too loose and baggy even when fully fastened up, a little more touch and close tape on the cuff would be good, and;
    2: The zips still snag on the fabric, which is jolly annoying!

    Reply From Buffalo
    1: We have made the cuff area slightly larger as this aides venting and therefore the ability to cool down. We do add more of the touch and close tape onto the cuff for this reason so that they can be pulled in when required.
    2: When having lightweight fabrics like Pertex, there is always the chance that the material will catch in the zips. We have added internal baffles to the Teclite Shirts now and this has greatly reduced this catching on the zips.

  7. Donal C says:

    Hi there
    Got this shirt, just what I wanted. The Special 6 Shirt I had for 15 years and found it too hot for me (great complaint for a hillwalker). The Teclite Shirt is perfect: the front straight through pocket is the most under rated item in your product range, the rucksack belt and cold hands go together. The pouch and hood brilliant. Just great for walking dog to hillwalking well done guys.
    Just one little idea what about the hook so that you can hang the garment up

  8. Adam@Buffalo says:

    Replay From Buffalo

    Hi Donal
    Thank you for the comments. The reason we do not put the hang loops in the back of our Shirts is that as they are worn next to the skin, testing has found that this hang loop can rub on the back of the neck and become quite irritating after a bit.
    Thanks for the comment though.
    Buffalo Team

  9. Richard says:

    I’ve had the special 6 shirt for six months now, really can’t fault it in any regard but the above comment about a hanging loop rang a bell. How about a loop on the external surface, perhaps on the seam below the hood Velcro? I’m considering a tech lite shirt as my spring/ summer/travelling alternative. If you have heard about the DP system, buy one of the shirts/jackets you will be impressed!

  10. Andy W says:

    This shirt and matching trousers.

    I went for a street run in heavy rain,Pertex Buffalo boxer shorts too,never got wet,sweat pushed away from my skin.

    Cycled up hill yesterday with a base layer,Ron hill’s as leg wear,again pushed sweat away from my skin.

    This system really works!!


  11. Bernie says:

    I wanted a buffalo for active use (cycling and hiking) and felt a Mountain or Special 6 shirt would be too warm on all but the coldest of days. The Teclite has been the perfect shirt for autumn, winter and spring (I haven’t tried it in summer yet…). Worn next to the skin it is very comfortable and the ventilation zips work very well. Even in persistent rain, it remains very warm. The pockets are well placed and on a cold day the handwarmer pocket always feels very cosy. If it’s really cold, or for more relaxed activities, a merino base layer under the shirt is all you need to add another level of comfort.

    The only downside I’ve found (and this is with the pertex pile system in general, not just this jacket) is a wet buffalo will chill you very quickly when you stop being active. Not a problem if you have a warm house to go to, or space and energy to keep your body temperature up, but when you are at the end of a wet days backpacking or cycle touring, tired and confined to a small tent with heavy rain outside, you really need to get some dry clothes on as soon as you stop being active! On overnight trips, I now carry an ultralight, ultra breathable waterproof jacket to keep the buffalo dry in really heavy rain. This way, I can continue to benefit from its warmth in the tent in the evenings- I only have to take it off when I go to sleep!

  12. Adam says:

    Hi Bernie
    Instead of taking a lightweight waterproof with you, which will massively reduce the breathability and drying time of your Teclite Shirt, look at taking one of our Teclite Jackets or a Belay Jacket. These garment will keep out most of the rain if you are walking or cycling in the rain, or when you get to your camp, put the either Jacket straight on over your wet Shirt. Then while you are pitching your tent, this extra layer will help to keep you warm, but will also help the Shirt dry. For wetter or colder conditions the Belay Jacket will be best as it offers more protection.
    I hope this helps you. Thank you for your comments though.
    The Buffalo Team

  13. Peter says:

    I use this for the milder weather hill-walking. On a mild day, or even if it is a little chilly, but you are active, this keeps you warm as long as you are active. I use it in combination with the Belay Jacket. On my first outing, I wore only the Teclite Shirt. Using the vents enabled me to manage the heat generated by my activity. But when I got to the summit of my chosen hill, I closed all the vents and was nice and warm. The material is very windproof.

    On my second outing, I wore the Teclite Shirt. It was raining, but as I was very active, I did not feel the cold. When I got to the summit, I put on the Belay Jacket but unfortunately, because I had put it on too late and my Teclite Shirt was already very wet, and because on my descent I was nowhere near as active on my ascent and thus not generating the same heat, I was cold and miserable for the rest of the day. A call to Adam at Buffalo though solved this problem. He advised me to put the Belay Jacket on as soon as it starts to rain. The heat generated with both these garments will keep you warm and dry. I have fine-tuned this myself: I wear the Teclite Shirt, and, perhaps ten minutes before I reach the summit, whilst still very active, I put on the Belay Jacket, and thus, when I reach the top, I am warm and nice and dry inside. The hood is also effective and has a velcro fastening.

    I really like this gear. It is important though to experiment with it on short trips in various weather conditions so you learn what works best for you. I am a slim ectomorph who feels the cold, but what works for me may not for you, hence the experimentation is necessary, so that you’ve your learning done and won’t make uncomfortable or even risky mistakes later when it really matters.

    I am done with special TM coating jackets, treatment washes and sprays. The Buffalo gear is good value for money and performs very well. I have now ordered a red Special Six Shirt for the winter season!

    One final point: when washing, I have decided to only use liquid soap flakes, rather than any detergent. I do up all the zips and velcro to protect them, use a 30 C mild wash with gentle spin. Also, do pass your rucksack hip strap through the pocket, as I found my rucksack strap did rub the material until I realised I should pass the strap through the pocket.

  14. Adam@Buffalo says:

    Thank you Peter for your write up. As you say, you need to play around with the system to see what works best for you. Any excuse to get out into the hill though!

    Thanks and regards
    Buffalo Systems Ltd

  15. Dave says:

    I’ve had a Teclite shirt for about a year, I’m ex military and was very familiar with Buffalo Systems having bought an original Mountain Shirt about 20 years ago to augment my issued clothing in cold conditions, it still serves me well even though the pile is getting a bit flat in places. The Mountain shirt can be a bit warm at times so after looking at all sorts of other products I opted to stick with Buffalo and buy a Teclite shirt. The Teclite shirt is almost the perfect all-rounder for a townie living in the edge of the Cotswolds (me).
    I have mostly worn it while hiking in the hills around me, and although I don’t wear it in the summer months when hiking, it is usually in my rucksack just in case. In the winter, when walking at a good pace up steep hills I tend to wear it with a thermal long sleeve top underneath, but have the side vents open and the sleeves rolled up. Opening the chest pocket seems to help vent heat too. Then when I’m admiring the views at the top and having a break, or if the weather turns, I can do up the vents and I’m toasty. I’ve tried it next to my skin a couple of times in the winter but I found I got cold very quickly at the top when slowing down, or if the wind got up. I only wear it next to my skin when the temp is above 8 – 10 degrees C, depending on wind and rain. Its surprisingly good in the summer, I’ve worn it next to my skin as a windproof when doing coastal walks up to 20 degrees if its windy. I also use it in the cool evenings when camping in the summer, and it seems to keep all but the worst rain out and dries within minutes depending on activity and temp.
    If I was to be picky, I sometimes get annoyed by the side zips jamming but its not a constant problem and it usually only happens when I’m rushing to get it on or off. I’d like to see a snap clip on the tightening strap in the hand warmer pocket, I often thread my keys/penknife/small torch or whatever I don’t want to lose on to it to stop them falling out when doing active stuff, its a bit of a faff so a clip like you get on a neck lanyard would be useful. I don’t have but particularly small wrists but I find there needs an extra inch of Velcro on the sleeve fasteners if I want to do them up tightly.
    Overall I’d give the Teclite shirt a 9/10, I highly recommend it, I’m looking forward to it lasting as long as my other buffalo.

  16. James says:

    I’ve had two Teclite shirts. I can’t remember what happened to the first one (think it was stolen and it 2002 or 2003). My current shirt is the replacement.

    To note my shirt is a slightly older version so there are a few differences but that doesnt change my thoughts.

    Good: Venting is extremley effective. Drys very quickly. Good level of wind resistance. Packs down well. Lightweight. The use of waterproof laminated kit is overated for most non-freezing conditions (ie the UK most of year) and as such I think the Buffalo (any product not just this model) is a great option unless you are static in the rain.

    Bad: gets smelly after 4-5 days (most kit does). I like to wear the shirt tucked in and find the side zips cold against the skin/dig in a bit, but I appreciate it wasn’t designed to be worn like that. The side-zips have both failed at the bottom of the shirt so I had the zip sewn closed right at the bottom – still vents the same as before but cant undo from the bottomo (doesnt bother me) and reduces the old prob of the zips diging in when shirt is tucked in.

    Would I buy another one: Yes I would if this one wears out (few years yet!)

    One of my favourite bits of kit, been everywhere with me and great value for money. I expect maybe 20 years use from it all up!

  17. Andrew says:

    I bought a Special 6 shirt about 20 years ago and loved it, although I found it a bit hot at times. A couple of years later I discovered the Teclite shirt and have used it for a variety of activities ever since. Initially it was for hiking; then it was pressed into use as a winter rowing jacket; and for the past 10 years it has been a mountain bike jacket here in the High Peak.
    I have found it the perfect 3 season jacket for high exertion activities, and with the side vents it can be used in a wide variety of temperatures. On the coldest of night rides I have used it with a wicking base layer (and very occasionally brought out the Special 6 in sub zero temperatures), but usually I just wear it next to my skin.
    I, like some other reviewers, have regularly managed to get the material caught in the side zips when trying to open the side vents, but I believe that this has been improved since buying mine. The wrist Velcro has gone, and I fell a couple of months ago and ripped the sleeve, but, due to its design, that doesn’t really matter too much. The loose fit in the arms mean I can wear low profile elbow protectors under it.
    I have also wondered about a brighter colour for biking, but as I mountain bike it is not so important, and the cycle jacket doesn’t have the all important side vents (and I ride with a rucksack so the back vent would not be as effective).
    I will buy another one, as I have not seen anything to rival its versatility or comfort, and would highly recommend it.

  18. Ewan McIntosh says:

    Great shirt for general 3 seasons walking. Lots of ventilation options to keep you cool. Great buy.

  19. Chris Davidson says:

    A simply amazing bit of kit. First time out on Blencathra I wore the Teclite Shirt and Salopettes next to my skin to be met with driving rain, wind chill to -4C and winds up to 60mph. I simply didn’t feel the wind or the cold and when it stopped raining the clothes dried in seconds. Wicking was superb, I’ll never go back to traditional layers and waterproofs.

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