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A special story and report from our friend Gordon Bromley at the South Pole

We usually publish stories like Gordon’s on our Stories page, but as Gordon has again given us such a comprehensive review, and has offered us an insight into the work of an Antarctic scientist, we thought the news section, Click Here, would be a great way to share this information and the stunning pictures he has sent. So below is the  email from Gordon.

To read Gordon’s full account of like at the South Pole, please Click Here


Kilimanjaro 2015

Having borrowed a friends Buffalo jacket when walking in the Lake District and it keeping me warm in driving rain and cold temperatures, I knew instinctively that when I was getting a coat for my next adventure of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro that I had to have my own.

I wasn’t sure exactly what I needed but spoke to Adam at Buffalo who gave me such brilliant advice I knew I’d made the right decision in going to Buffalo. He told me that due to the temperatures at the top of Kilimanjaro I would need more that just a mountain shirt so I opted for an alpine jacket to go over the top.

I went to my local stockist in Newcastle under Lyme and I’m so glad I did. Vanessa was brilliant and had a range of her own Buffalos that I was able to try on to find my right size.

On my trip, I wore my mountain shirt every night when it went colder for meal times and as we got closer to the summit I wore it for bed too. On summit night I ventured out at midnight in just my mountain shirt and alpine jacket and was questioned by my fellow walkers. For the first couple of hours, I was actually too hot and ended up taking the alpine jacket off! When the temperatures really dropped during the early hours I was very comfortable and warm compared to others who were really feeling the cold. On the way back down, I had just my mountain shirt on and was able to stay comfortable by using the side zips to control my temperature whereas everybody else was having to constantly stop and take layers off and put them back on.

I can’t recommend Buffalo enough.

Kind Regards,

Jade Hughes


Repair Service

Hi Buffalo,

The shirt arrived today looking as good as new (bought in Oct 09).

Thanks, I am really pleased with it.

Starting in ’94, I have bought 5 Buffalo shirts for me and my family.

All are still in use, except for the one cut up in A & E after a motorcycle crash. They protect against most things, but that was asking too much even for something ‘Made in Sheffield’.

Keep up the good work.


John Florio

For more information on our repairs service, please Click Here,




I just wanted to pass on my thanks for your amazing kit! I’ve used it at work (Police) and venturing up mountains in the UK but it really got put through its paces on my recent climb up Mount Kilimanjaro.

I took a special six shirt, mittens and a belay jacket just in case, others in the party had various layering systems and were very sceptical of the Buffalo system. Well for 6 days it proved its worth, from evenings at camp, driving rain, snow and a cool minus 16 on the way up your products were amazing. I had literally just to tweak a side vent whilst watching in amusement of the others having to stop to layer up or down. But where it really came into its own was when I fell, after reaching Uhuru peak and on my way down I fell injuring my back, I spent the next 14 hours being carried off of the mountain overnight, all I had to protect me from the rain and minus 10 conditions were your products, needless to say they did the job magnificently and literally kept me alive and stopped me getting hypothermia on that journey down, the belay jacket made an excellent improvised blanket!

I can’t thank you guys enough for your amazing kit.

Warmest regards,



Ama Dablam, November 2014

On preparing for my trip to Ama Dablam this November 2014, I requested some advice from your company regarding the suitabilty of Buffalo clothing at high altitude and was asked by yourself if I could let your company know how I got on.

I recently bought into the Buffalo Clothing system last year for Scottish winter climbing and purchased the Big Face Shirt, HA Salopettes and Belay jacket. I also purchased a Techlite Shirt and Windshirt for the warmer months.

For Ama Dablam, I took all of the above clothing and with some trepidation I ditched my usual layering system. I should not have worried. I took along my Goose-down Jacket, just in case, but never removed it from the bag. If I was getting cold at Base Camp, I just put on the Belay jacket on top of my Techlite Shirt and I was cozy.

On our climb from Camp 1 to Camp 2,(altitude of about 5500m) I had on my HA Salopettes and Big Face Jacket, however, after the sun came up, the Big Face Jacket was just too warm, even with all the vents opened, however, I had a feeling this would be the case and swapped into a thin synthetic long sleeved base layer and with the Buffalo Windshirt on top I was kept at the ideal temperature.

Due to the dangers of the overhanging serac, we were unfortunately unable to summit this time, however, I’m confident that the Buffalo clothing system would have been up to the job.

I’ve included a picture of me on the Ama Dablam Ridge.

Thanks for your help and advice.

John McKnight


20 Years later

Hi Buffalo,

I thought you would like to know that my Buffalo Mountain Shirt which I purchased all the way back in 1995 is still going strong 20 years later.

I wear this jacket every winter, and I have to say it’s the warmest garment I’ve ever owned. I can go out with just a t-shirt underneath and I can feel zero cold or wind. Amazing stuff.

I’ve attached a photo of myself in said mountain shirt on December 26th 2014.





20 years and still going strong

Hey guys,

Just occurred to me I’ve had my special 6 jacket now for nearly 20 years.

Back in 1997 I joined the army at just 16 years old. My basic training instructor (a man mountain Para) said If I invested in any one piece of kit it had to be a special 6 jacket.

He was right, to this date it’s survived nearly 5 years of tours, 3 years of courses down in Hereford and now I’m doing the school run as a civilian family man living in Chesterfield it’s keeping me warm in the playground waiting for my son to come out.

I work on the railways now, and it’s the only piece of kit I can’t survive without. Map pocket is and always had been a god send.

Anyway ramble over, just wanted to let you guys know you’re doing a fantastic job all these years on and my jacket is still going strong, showing no signs of wear and as I tell my son when he’s wearing my jacket playing army, ‘it’s the warmest jacket in the world’

Good effort guys



Ben Nevis and Arran

I recently walked up Ben Nevis and then home to Lochgoilhead (70miles) to raise money to build an outdoor classroom at the local primary school. My Buffalo mountain shirt did me proud through wind and rain (and pitch dark across Rannoch Moor). I nearly put on my emergency waterproofs one time when the rain got very heavy and sideways, but I stuck with it and dried off very quickly without getting overheated as you do in waterproofs (even ‘breathable’ ones).

Also: We have just received a new batch of mountain shirts for my MR team just in time for winter and I know we will be toasty.

Thank you Buffalo for sticking with a UK manufacture and a quality product (I still wear my wind shirt for running that I bought when I was 17, 20 years ago! and my kids are appropriately dressed in Little Buffalo for Argyll weather).

Wet and windy on Arran – Rufus and Torben don’t care.

Anna x


An exceptionally warm soldier

Dear sir/madam.

I would like to take the time to inform you of my satisfaction with the special 6 shirt.  After some trepidation on spending over £100 on a single garment, I purchased said item in preparation for my JNCO cadre.  Upon testing my purchase I was astounded to enjoy a sensation of warmth beyond being indoors while walking for over an hour to my local pub.  In well below freezing conditions that soon became snow with gale winds, I was surprised to break a sweat, concerned that I would soon become cold due to the perspiration, I was again surprised that I became warmer still.  Barely walking fast enough to make my heart rate rise beyond mild exertion, I could not believe how warm I remained, in spite of following your company’s advice on wearing the special 6 shirt on bare skin, contrary to the popular principle of layering.  By the time i reached my favourite drinking establishment, I was almost “too hot” considering the weather and thoroughly amazed with what I had just bought.

yours sincerely

an exceptionally warm soldier


Loch, not Lake

I have a Buffalo story for you,years ago I went to the Isle of Skye with a group of young adults to go Mountaineering and Kayaking. For the Kayaking I took a buffalo shirt and trousers.

I hadn’t done either before but was very excited about it!