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I just wanted to pass on my thanks for your amazing kit! I’ve used it at work (Police) and venturing up mountains in the UK but it really got put through its paces on my recent climb up Mount Kilimanjaro.

I took a special six shirt, mittens and a belay jacket just in case, others in the party had various layering systems and were very sceptical of the Buffalo system. Well for 6 days it proved its worth, from evenings at camp, driving rain, snow and a cool minus 16 on the way up your products were amazing. I had literally just to tweak a side vent whilst watching in amusement of the others having to stop to layer up or down. But where it really came into its own was when I fell, after reaching Uhuru peak and on my way down I fell injuring my back, I spent the next 14 hours being carried off of the mountain overnight, all I had to protect me from the rain and minus 10 conditions were your products, needless to say they did the job magnificently and literally kept me alive and stopped me getting hypothermia on that journey down, the belay jacket made an excellent improvised blanket!

I can’t thank you guys enough for your amazing kit.

Warmest regards,



Ama Dablam, November 2014

On preparing for my trip to Ama Dablam this November 2014, I requested some advice from your company regarding the suitabilty of Buffalo clothing at high altitude and was asked by yourself if I could let your company know how I got on.

I recently bought into the Buffalo Clothing system last year for Scottish winter climbing and purchased the Big Face Shirt, HA Salopettes and Belay jacket. I also purchased a Techlite Shirt and Windshirt for the warmer months.

For Ama Dablam, I took all of the above clothing and with some trepidation I ditched my usual layering system. I should not have worried. I took along my Goose-down Jacket, just in case, but never removed it from the bag. If I was getting cold at Base Camp, I just put on the Belay jacket on top of my Techlite Shirt and I was cozy.

On our climb from Camp 1 to Camp 2,(altitude of about 5500m) I had on my HA Salopettes and Big Face Jacket, however, after the sun came up, the Big Face Jacket was just too warm, even with all the vents opened, however, I had a feeling this would be the case and swapped into a thin synthetic long sleeved base layer and with the Buffalo Windshirt on top I was kept at the ideal temperature.

Due to the dangers of the overhanging serac, we were unfortunately unable to summit this time, however, I’m confident that the Buffalo clothing system would have been up to the job.

I’ve included a picture of me on the Ama Dablam Ridge.

Thanks for your help and advice.

John McKnight


20 Years later

Hi Buffalo,

I thought you would like to know that my Buffalo Mountain Shirt which I purchased all the way back in 1995 is still going strong 20 years later.

I wear this jacket every winter, and I have to say it’s the warmest garment I’ve ever owned. I can go out with just a t-shirt underneath and I can feel zero cold or wind. Amazing stuff.

I’ve attached a photo of myself in said mountain shirt on December 26th 2014.




20 years and still going strong

Hey guys,

Just occurred to me I’ve had my special 6 jacket now for nearly 20 years.

Back in 1997 I joined the army at just 16 years old. My basic training instructor (a man mountain Para) said If I invested in any one piece of kit it had to be a special 6 jacket.

He was right, to this date it’s survived nearly 5 years of tours, 3 years of courses down in Hereford and now I’m doing the school run as a civilian family man living in Chesterfield it’s keeping me warm in the playground waiting for my son to come out.

I work on the railways now, and it’s the only piece of kit I can’t survive without. Map pocket is and always had been a god send.

Anyway ramble over, just wanted to let you guys know you’re doing a fantastic job all these years on and my jacket is still going strong, showing no signs of wear and as I tell my son when he’s wearing my jacket playing army, ‘it’s the warmest jacket in the world’

Good effort guys



Ben Nevis and Arran

I recently walked up Ben Nevis and then home to Lochgoilhead (70miles) to raise money to build an outdoor classroom at the local primary school. My Buffalo mountain shirt did me proud through wind and rain (and pitch dark across Rannoch Moor). I nearly put on my emergency waterproofs one time when the rain got very heavy and sideways, but I stuck with it and dried off very quickly without getting overheated as you do in waterproofs (even ‘breathable’ ones).

Also: We have just received a new batch of mountain shirts for my MR team just in time for winter and I know we will be toasty.

Thank you Buffalo for sticking with a UK manufacture and a quality product (I still wear my wind shirt for running that I bought when I was 17, 20 years ago! and my kids are appropriately dressed in Little Buffalo for Argyll weather).

Wet and windy on Arran – Rufus and Torben don’t care.

Anna x


An exceptionally warm soldier

Dear sir/madam.

I would like to take the time to inform you of my satisfaction with the special 6 shirt.  After some trepidation on spending over £100 on a single garment, I purchased said item in preparation for my JNCO cadre.  Upon testing my purchase I was astounded to enjoy a sensation of warmth beyond being indoors while walking for over an hour to my local pub.  In well below freezing conditions that soon became snow with gale winds, I was surprised to break a sweat, concerned that I would soon become cold due to the perspiration, I was again surprised that I became warmer still.  Barely walking fast enough to make my heart rate rise beyond mild exertion, I could not believe how warm I remained, in spite of following your company’s advice on wearing the special 6 shirt on bare skin, contrary to the popular principle of layering.  By the time i reached my favourite drinking establishment, I was almost “too hot” considering the weather and thoroughly amazed with what I had just bought.

yours sincerely

an exceptionally warm soldier


Loch, not Lake

I have a Buffalo story for you,years ago I went to the Isle of Skye with a group of young adults to go Mountaineering and Kayaking. For the Kayaking I took a buffalo shirt and trousers.

I hadn’t done either before but was very excited about it!

Well to the point,my very experienced friend attached a line to mine and of we go but to my dismay the boat started to move to one side! I could straighten up!

You guessed it I capsized,into the water I went,a cold sea  loch!

To my amazement I didn’t feel cold,later on,on shore I noticed I was completely dry!

The trip leader told the kids I had already demonstrated the capsizing and rescue method too! Lol!

Andy. I

From Buffalo, Maybe you should read and watch this too, Speaks for itself, from our news pages, Speaks for itself


Catbells summit, Lake District

Hi ,

I just thought I’d drop you a quick note & a couple of pics to say how much my daughter loves her little buffalo shirt already! She wore it this weekend up in the Lakes and absolutely loved it . Fortunately the 4-5 years fits Ok ( just) but these are great for her age ( she is 5 but is tall for her age) and I reckon you should do these in age 5-6 as well .


From Buffalo.

Ann, expect the next size available shortly.


Perfect Wedding Present!

Yeah, you have a supplier in Canada !

We moved here in 2006 and I had a Teclite Shirt ( I have had it since 1999, have replaced the pouch zip but it still rocks !)

I introduced my partner to Buffalo as a wedding present, and although we never wanted to be a “gear couple” when its the best gear its the best gear   – and who sees you in the back country anyway ?

We have hiked across mountains, rivers, continents, and now we have found a supplier in BC.  I even tried to be a supplier for you in 2007 when we lived in Nelson, but never had the time to get it rolling, glad someone else took up the challenge.

We are looking forward to this winter to try out your Light Weight Parka’s.  ( I use your Teclite Shirt, when I stop I zip it down and then dump a down body warmer over the top with a light weight wind shell on top of that, NO SYSTEM WORKS BETTER !!!!

Keep Rocking

M and K

Kelowna British Columbia


Wild Wales

Just wanted to say thanks for making the best kit on earth!. I have just returned from a wild camp in wales @ Garnedd Uchaf this week end with gale force winds and driving rain. On day one to ascend I just wore my buffalo wind shirt over a wicking T which in the relatively warm weather was great.

Our original plan was to camp @ Garnedd Uchaf but due to unforeseen circumstances we had to come back down and camped in the valley.

On the morning of the walk out 5AM I took the plunge and just wore my Buffalo Six shirt and can honestly say I have never felt more confident in any piece of kit.

The extreme winds and driving rain didn’t touch me and when I reached Capel Curig my upper body was the only dry part I had. So I just felt the need to contact you and say Thanks!


Keep up the great work

Jason Lock


From Ireland to Africa

Just a quick email to say thanks for such a great product. I don’t know how it got by previously without it. My special six shirt and mitts are my favourite bit of kit and I’ve never felt cold or uncomfortable while wearing them. From the crags of the Mourne Mountains in Ireland over winter to the summit of Giant’s Castle in South Africa my shirt has never let me down and was definitely the envy of the others on the expedition! Best bit of clothing I’ve ever owned.

Best Regards

Matt F (Ireland)



Just wanted to say I am back from my summer in Ecuador and loved my mountain shirt! It was perfect and the alterations made all the difference practically for scambling and climbing!




Bison Country!

I have been meaning to check in for a year or so. I have been wearing my buffalo shirt every weekend to ski in Yellowstone National Park where I have lived and worked since 1993. This is buffalo country (bison actually if you want to be correct about it), and I always thought it ironic that I am the only one here who has a buffalo shirt. I often sing the praises of the shirt when people ask me if I am too cold or too hot and just wait while they are constantly putting more on or taking stuff off. Even in below freezing temperatures and winds I rarely wear anything else and the weather can get pretty warm (winter warm you know) before I get too hot in it. We mostly back-country ski in the park or the wilderness areas around the park. We generally don’t ski where the bison are as they tear up the snow, can be pretty dangerous and don’t hang out in the best skiing areas. Hence I don’t have any pictures of me skiing with the bison in my shirt. Just today I was driving up the road to my favourite ski trail and there were the usual ten or so big bulls standing in the road. I thought about getting out and taking a picture of myself next to them but … didn’t!


Thanks for a great product,


Lynn Bickerton Chan


Iditarod Cycle Race in Alsaka.

Just thought I would let you know that I finished the Iditarod cycle race in alsaka. I ended up 8 th doing it in 3 days and 23 hours, which I was quite pleased with for a first attempt. I was leading in the early stages but had some mechanicals which set me back a little. As usual temps were pretty cold. However the Buffalo clothes worked really well. In the pic attached it was -40C and although it was chilly whilst I was moving I didn’t need to put my down jacket. The Buffalo was enough to keep me going. It’s a shame you don’t make a sock system however as I did suffer from frostbite and on my return to the UK spent a week in hospital. Luckily my feet are pretty much back to normal, I haven’t had to have anything amputated, just lost the feeling in the end of my big and little toes.

The only thing I could think of to improve the jacket is some sort of Camelbak pouch. At those temps I needed to wear my camelbak inside the jacket to stop it from freezing and it made the jacket a little tight and the arms short full (and this was with only a small water bladder). It also meant I had to wear a thermal under the buffalo otherwise the pack would have had to be against my skin which was a bit uncomfortable. Some sort of inner pouch would be cool and maybe a way of getting a little extra room in the back panel.




In the car, near you!

Dear sir

I was first recommended buffalo products from my friend who is majorly into the outwardbound scene. Very rarely does a weekend go by where he is not scaling a mountain or climbing up a cliff face somewhere in the yorkshire dales. I myself have never scaled anything other than a large hill which is normally negotiated in a company car in second gear. However I have always wanted a go to jacket for that brisk walk from taxi to public house when the weather is terrible. So based on his recommendation I ordered a few years ago the hooded buffalo belay jacket. The jacket arrived and was great other than it was a tad too short for my liking. As such I placed the jacket after a few wears in the place that all jackets go to die and are never seen again ( the cloakrook under the stairs). So fast forward to this week.. I rang buffalo customer services and asked if they do anything similar to the hooded belay which was just a tad longer. Imagine my delight when they said that they had changed the length and made it a bit longer in the body. I immediatley bought one and I am so glad that I did. The jacket is brilliant, very warm but yet due to the miracle that is the double p system never gets too hot. The new hooded belay is only approx 1″ longer but means everything. I can now walk the dog or go to the pub without fear of frostbite to my tummy. Seriously though this is a fantastic jacket which is perfect for hardcore outwardbound types like my mate or more less adventurous types like me. Well done buffalo you make a great product.



John Clarke, all over the UK

I would just like to say that I have been using buffalo clothing since I was 18 years old, I am 51 this year ,and the Buffalo clothing I bought at the age of 18 still fits. In fact the cobalt blue  buffalo special six shirt in a photo is the first piece of buffalo clothing I bought at 18.There’s me wearing  it at  50 .I bought new buffalo clothing  I really like the black. I think the clothing really comes into its own in the winter but it is my main outdoor wear all year round  a fantastic product cheers!.


Dawn breaks over the Forcan ridge and the Saddle Feb 2012

I have been walking up a few classic Scottish peaks over the last winter, hoping to get decent photos first thing in the mornings.  Trouble is it means walking most of the night with a spot of bivi -ing thrown in for good measure. I carry a large-ish wooden plate camera, tripod, and a big pack. Organising clothing for this sort of thing is tricky, I need to be scouting around during that really cold hour  before first light, to a good hour afterwards.  Normally in a really cold wind. I need somewhere for a couple of hours sleep, and I really can,t manage a tent, on top of everything else. I need kit to get me up and down the hill with as little hassle as possible. Easy, Buffalo salopettes, and a shirt (for up and down), a jacket for hanging around, and a four season outer for a couple of hours kip, just get in wearing everything, (boots too sometimes).

Lastly when I,m using the camera I don,t want to be permanently distracted by thoughts of “come on get a move on”!  Anyway it seems to work ok for me, a little warm on the way up, (unless theres a good breeze), but still bearable.

Image. Dawn breaks over the Forcan ridge and the Saddle Feb 2012

Copyright Chris Smith Images.


Alan Hastings, Cairngorms, Scotland

Hi there

Just letting every one  know that your gear is great, i recently purchased the ha salopettes, the big face jacket and the over sized hood from needle sports, already had your mitts and went for a weekend away in the cairngorms. I’m in assynt mrt and we were training in coire na ciste for the day.the weather was blowing a gale,chucking it down with snow and cold…too every one else that is, all i had on was the gear stated  plus underpants  socks and boots thats it…meanwhile every body else was piling on the layers i was still cosy….this is probably the longest time i’ve spent out in those conditions and at no point did i get chilled, this is really good gear, can’t understand why people want to by the goretex crap. once the day was done headed back to the digs, every one  was complaining about being wet , I’m bone dry and have been all day .here’s a couple of photos from the day.i’m really happy with my purchase.

Many thanks .

Alan Hastings


James Fryers, Everest Base Camp, Nepal

The pictures attached show myself wearing my Special 6 shirt and my Canadian friend who I talked into buying the same shirt. He a big guy- around 6 foot 5 and built like a lumberjack. After measuring him we opted for the largest size available. Unfortunately, we were living in Korea at the time, which meant we were unable to try on the special 6 shirts until they arrived. We should’nt of worried- it fit him perfectly. We then spent 3 weeks in Tibet and got as far as Everest Base Camp- where the photo was taken. In a party of 11, we appeared to be the only people who were comfortable in the howling wind and subzero temperatures, even though all the other group members were fully layered up. At no point did either of us feel cold or uncomfortable. I wore a Helly Hanson lifa underneath, just so I could remove the shirt when we managed to get inside for a brew. A fantastic piece of gear, which hasnt aged a day in over 3 years. Thank you for keeping me warm

Kind regards,

James Fryers


Team Badger!

hey buffalo,

i stumbled across the ‘stories’ bit of your site, so i thought i’d add my two penn’orth. i first wanted a buffalo as a teenage army cadet, but other, more camouflaged, gear got purchased first. silly me. thus, i left it for 20 years, until my honeymoon in slovenia required the acquisition of a new top. so the special 6 (in green, natch. old habits die hard) it was. that was last september, and i’ve only just taken it off. my wife is rather pleased that I will now wash it. it’s the best multipurpose outdoor top i’ve ever owned. from canal boating to canoeing, as warm down gear for running, when cycling, you name it, the buffalo comes along and performs. it’s suffered snags and scrapes, but the quality of production ensure it holds up. so cheers for continuing to make good gear, here’s a pic of me in my favourite jacket in the afan forest, biking in the snow, feb 2010. and yes, i am wearing a baselayer, which i soon realised wasn’t required.


daf team badger


Chris Ince

Well, that’s it. My last Buffalo has finally bit the dust. I have had it since 1989 and the blue has faded almost to white.

I intend to buy another mountain shirt, if it lasts as long as the previous one I’ll be an old codger pushing 80! One last thing, isn’t it satisfying, almost smug to say you have a great piece of kit made in the UK?

Chris Ince



Craig from Colorado
(formerly UK)

I thought I’d send in a report from the Rockies on my Buffalo kit. I just about live in the mountain shirt when I’m out on the hills during the colder months (the belay jacket is great for breaks), and the windshirt is great for cool summer days and afternoon showers (and as a back-up for extreme winter weather). I wore the mountain shirt and belay jacket together while standing still in sub-zero temperatures (working as a photographer covering an ice climbing event) for five hours last week! While others huddled around a fire, I didn’t have to miss a shot.

I’ve attached a photo of me wearing my mountain shirt while out snowshoeing last month. The harsh Rocky Mountain winters are no match for Buffalo!



I would just like to take a little time to say how brilliant the special 6 shirt is. I work as a fireman in Greater Manchester, a few of the lads who I work with are on the Urban Search & Rescue Team and they recommended this shirt to me.

I would definitely recommend this jacket to anyone who maybe reading this, stop thinking about it, go and get one – you will never look back.



I have just climbed kilimanjaro. 8 days hot sunny and freezing cold nights in the day its hot sweaty walking but as soon as you stop you cool down very quickly which is when my old mountain jacket was brilliant, easy and lightweight to tie on to a small pack and stopped the chilling effect as soon as I put it on as for the final 4000 foot climb its really cold minus 20 with up 30 knot wind, I wore an old cycling shirt and my 10 year old mountain jacket lightweight and as snug as a bug. Always liked your stuff and this climb proved it effectiveness beyond doubt please book me a slot for a new mountain jacket.

best wishes

mark stevens


Not just a regular day on Kinder!

This is the least intrepid entry to “Stories” ever, but it highlights a useful feature of Buffalo clothing: you can take it off easily and without wasting time. I was walking with friends in Edale last weekend. It was cold enough to warrant a Mountain Shirt with Teclite trousers. However, the ascent was obviously going to be warmish even with all the vents venting. So I took off the shirt – if you’ve got it, flaunt it – and found the cool breeze very pleasant indeed as I was generating plenty of heat on the climb. Shirt back on as we took a break at the top. Now comes the point.  After a few minutes everyone else was beginning to feel chilled: they’d adjusted their layers in various ways on the way up but couldn’t avoid trapped perspiration, which was having a pronounced cooling effect, despite all the insulation and Goretex. I, on the other hand….well, there’s nothing quite like a bit of Schadenfreude to complete a perfect mountain day. And we reached the pub ten minutes before the heavens opened.

Jem Coady


Glyder Fach and Trayfan, Snowdonia, UK

If like me the three layer system has been drummed into you from a young age, it’s very hard to set off for a day’s track with nothing on but the Buffalo Special 6 Shirt (jacket if you’re not familiar with the products) and SP6 trousers and believe all will be fine. But that’s what I did, and despite very low cloud on Glyder Fach and Trayfan (Snowdonia, UK) I’ve never been so comfortable.

During the trip I used the zips to control my body temperature, and our route gave me the opportunity to really test the kit with some walking and scrambling on the North ridge which is physically demanding. Both jacket and trousers allowed more freedom of movement than the three layer system and while we didn’t use ropes I can see how versatile the kit could be.

The large front zip pocket on the jacket is excellent for map, compass and nibbles and very easy to access even with a day pack on while walking.

On the return home both went in the washing machine and were returned to former new condition making the whole experience easy and enjoyable.

I can’t recommend the Buffalo system highly enough.

Kevin Jezzard


My little story: Helvellyn

I’ve been hovering over buying a mountain shirt for some time now but didn’t really think I would get the time to use it as often as would require to justify the spend, although i don’t think they are over priced. More recently I’ve been spending more time in the Lake District and going further and further and felt now was the time to buy.

Just tested my new special 6 ms, and quite frankly couldn’t be more impressed.

After much debate on what to wear or not to wear as it were, under the shirt, after much reading from previous customers I decided to trust the makers and wear nothing under the shirt although due to low temperatures I packed an under armour thermal just incase.

I’m so happy I trusted you guys,we left at 6 am to climb Helvellyn on Sunday 12 th February 2012, cold winters morning with heavy snow and much ice although no wind and i’ve never been more comfortable. As my fellows continued to strip and put on cloths depending on their layer systems none could believe that I just lifted or lowered zips to suite my temperature and comfort. I’ve added the hood to my sp6 and felt so comfy and warm that I felt inclined to send this email, so others who are hovering can make the right decision and purchase.

I’m now looking for my best option when its too warm for my sp6 but too cold for a t shirt and know Buffalo will be the make for me.

Photo below is about 100m from the summit on Sunday morning, long may the cold continue!!!


Thats a Big one

Thank you Buffalo for such great gear.

My dad reccomended the special 6 shirt to me for fishing. I was looking at all sorts of dedicated fishing clothing but decided to follow his advice and buy the expensive Special 6 shirt. Although pricey i’m very glad I did, this is the warmest most versatile shirt i’ve ever owned and I practically live in it now. Wet, dry, cold, its great. Just make sure to carry an extra if it warms up, the buffalo will cook you.

Well reccomended to all fisherman. The free movement, and light weight is great. You wont get anything better.



Maine, USA


Behold a photo of Erik in his new buffalo outfit. We went to, well, pretty much the middle of nowhere on Sunday and took the fat pig for a ride in the little sledge. He fell asleep, but at least that means he wasn’t cold! The stuff works wonderfully, with a fleece romper suit on underneath, and the hood actually stayed up just fine, without a hat or scarf or anything. It went somewhat mild and wet that evening, and then for the next two days, so that was somewhat depressing. But the snow stuck around and yesterday I went ice climbing. As I drove off at 4 am it was -1. When I returned in the evening it was about -12, and this morning -17. Kurt and I went to Grafton, in western Maine, and had a lovely, if frigid day climbing icicles. It’s just so amazingly cold now and the snow pile guarding us from the road became a glacier and had to be chipped away to allow the car in and out. That was my job, with trusty old camp ice axe in hand and lots of traffic. You’ll be pleased to hear that I wore the buffalo again yesterday, nothing underneath, and even at minus a lot it was warmer than wearing lifa, thin fleece, and windproof fleece on top. I’m very very happy and will be even more so when Dan brings the expedition hood for it. Wish it had a crotch strap, though, so I shall fashion one. Now I have a meeting.




I stumbled across your site when looking for a new snowboarding jacket and after a quick phone call with someone helpful at Buffalo, went for the alpine jacket. Amazing! From very windy blizzard conditions in Austria and France to being soaked during the commute, I have never been cold wearing it, no matter what (if anything) I had on underneath. I’ve even had to dry it out from damp by wearing it after a wash, and still I was warm (and dry in a few mins).

I also appreciate that I don’t look like a ski instructer when on the tube in London. The jacket has instantly become one of the very few things I would replace the next day if anything happened to it. Thankyou very much for making it.

here’s a pic of me getting vertigo at Alpe D’Huez 2800 – Dome des Petites Rousses. Hopefully again next year!