Buffalo Systems Sponsoring SHAFF23 Made In Sheffield Category March 3rd – 5th 2023

02nd March 2023


Unique to ShAFF, this session screens a selection of the best new adventure films Made In Sheffield this year. Made in Sheffield films could be created by local filmmakers, feature local athletes, or be shot in Sheffield and/or the Peak District.

Buffalo Systems manufacturing heritage stretches back well over 40 years in the Steel City. We are proud to support local film festivals that are equally proud to showcase the culture and energy that make up the the wonderful city of SHEFFIELD.

Alongside climbing and running films Bridge Boys and One More Rep are films that explore what it means to live in The Outdoor City, from surfing to ballet, walking and farming. A Sheffield family seek healing and connection in the sea in En Route, while dance film Chinese Laundry retells a story Tala hears from her Chinese family, second generation immigrants from Hong Kong who grew up in a Barnsley takeaway shop, using the Peak District as a route to freedom. The Farm Under The City uncovers a vertical bioponic farm built in a disused spring factory, and Peaks Of Colour asks who can take up space in the outdoors.

This session is complemented by a brand new addition to the festival this year Made In Sheffield – Climb Films, a selection of the best new climbing films made in Sheffield this year.

For a full program of what’s on and where follow the link below to the official SHAFF website.


See you down there!