Teclite Cycle Shirt

Designed for either road or off road cycling in milder weather, or when producing a high energy output over a considerable period of time.

The long neck zip and vented upper back enable maximum ventilation.

This garment works most efficiently when worn next to the skin

  • Pertex® P6
  • Fast wicking Teclite micro-pile lining
  • Windproof to 40mph
Available colours
  • Yellow
  • Black
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  • Design allows forward reach.
  • 3M Reflective tape across front, back pocket flap and around cuffs.
  • Concealed vent on upper back.
  • Three way elasticated back pocket with zipped central compartment.
  • Elasticated cuffs with Touch-and-close adjustment tabs.


Sizes: S / M / L / XL

Weight: 350g

Teclite Cycle Top Small Medium Large X Large
Chest Size 36-39″
Inside Arm 25″
Neck 19″
Shirt Back Length 33″
Shirt Front Length 28″



All measurements are approximate. Buffalo Systems Limited reserve the right to amend any specifications in the interests of improving our products.


4 Reviews

  1. Graham says:

    Good bright jacket for road cycling, in autumn/ winter.
    Great for those intermittent rain days, surprisingly water resistant in light rain.
    Not close fitting but ok for Commuting or Touring when speed does not matter, or you want a relaxed fit jacket.
    Useful rear pockets and hi viz.tape.
    Drys quickly and great windproofing for those downhills after a sweaty uphill climb.
    No vents, but highly breathable so not too much of an issue.
    But elastic around the wrist prevents venting here too, the elastic is not really needed with the Velcro wrist adjustment tags and venting here would be a useful addition.
    Just as shame its not a closer fit especially in the sleeves., otherwise no adverse comments.

  2. Adam@Buffalo says:

    Since this comment, the sleeve design has been altered to give a closer fit.

  3. Tony H says:

    Excellent operational qualities these past few days. Sub zero temperatures have not been a problem, except for uncovered parts! Highly recommended for really cold, icy rides, first thing in the morning 🙂

  4. chris says:

    I have been using a teclite shirt for the last 8 or 9 years whilst commuting in London doing my 18 and now 16 mile round trip. Here are my thoughts after 11 years on the road and with 9 years of buffalo kit.

    This shirt gets used from late summer to early spring when I swap out into a t-shirt. When its really cold I add a wicking baselayer and couldn’t want for more. I went for a large and its billowy across the chest and body but the arms are too long and in my option are cut with too much fabric. You get used to it and I tend to roll my sleeves up most days, but you can see what I mean in the sales pic above of the lad carrying the bike. Look at the sleeves, you can see the veloco/ elastic end is hidden as the body of the arm is overhanging the end. As for the elastic…. I think it would be much better to retain this but make it much looser (it is a bit tight) so that when you roll them up the elastic grips but when down you dont get this restricting seal and air can flow. Keep the velcro if you want your arms sealed.

    Everything you wear whilst cycling makes you sweat, its impossible not too and the fact that this shirt is vented the way it is its mega comfortable. You can unzip it pretty far and if you catch it just right you get this feeling like you are a kite as the air flows through you and out the back of the shirt. Note I use a pannier and dont have to worry about backpacks. Pro cycling tip.. Get mudguards and a pannier. Also rant incoming… Never buy rear lights which are super bright. If you have them (and you all know the ones) they are awful for cyclists following you. Try looking at them at home in the dark for 10 mins and then consider that is what you are doing to all the cyclists behind you. Rant Over

    I would happily get this shirt again but I would love it if Buffalo tightened up the cut a bit more, removed some of the excess material both inside and out and produced a more tailored fit. I love this top and I have cycled tens of thousands of miles in all sorts of weather and is still going. Admittedly it does have some stitching across the back but that adds character.

    I might ask Buffalo to do a special where you get the cut of a mountain shirt (I have one in large and it fits great as no spare material) with the light and open accessibility of the tectile cycle shirt. I would also ask them to do something with the tight elastic, its ok but it could be better.

    That way I can get another shirt and do another 10 years of comfortable cycling. You should seriously consider this shirt, I can confirm without any doubt that you will be happy. Its a massive 8 out of 10, but gets 20 out of 10 for longevity and is my goto top. Super weather resistant and for how I ride exceptionally comfortable.

    It just needs a few tweeks to make it 11 out of 10 straight out of the box.

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