DP Hoods

The DP Hood from Buffalo Systems is a classic, it keeps the wearer warm and dry thanks to the Pile and Pertex combination.  Fits all DP System clothing.

Unlined Pertex® Hoods are also available to attach to the Windshirts.

  • Pertex® Quantum shell (Formally known as Pertex Classic)
  • AquaTherm pile lining
  • Windproof to 50mph
Available colours
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  • Simple but secure touch-and-close attachment to garments.
  • Two position adjuster.
  • Detachable face piece. (can be sewn into position).
  • Full face coverage in adverse conditions.
  • Easily folds to fit into pocket.

Sizes: Extra Small (to fit 32-34) / Small (36) / Medium (38-40) / Large (42-44) / Extra Large (46-50)

Weight: 90g

Sizes: Extra Small (to fit 32-34) / Small (36) / Medium (38-40) / Large (42-44) / Extra Large (46-50)

The Hood has been re-developed. The face piece attachment strips may differ from the image.


All measurements are approximate. Buffalo Systems Limited reserve the right to amend any specifications in the interests of improving our products.

7 Reviews

  1. Rory says:

    When you see them on the rack you think they’re weird and flimsy, but they make the whole shirt come to life.

  2. Tim says:

    Absolutely cracking – the peak got a bit droopy with ice whilst climbing Mt Usborne (highest peak in the Falkland Islands) in a howling white out, but together with a special 6 shirt and dungarees, the hood kept me toastie warm!

  3. aide says:

    Brilliant,,although the peak can get a little droopy,, I slipped a piece of flexible plastic (old drumhead) into the peak to stiffen it up in high wind ,now it’s the muts nuts.,,ps,,sew the removable front panel to one side of the hood,,or loose it.Also,,Buffalo gear rocks,,that is all.

    Note from Buffalo: The peak has been resigned to be flexible so when the hood is not needed it can be taken off and easily stored in the map or hand warmer pocket. If the peak was stiffened this would be a lot harder to do.

  4. Ronald Dewhirst says:

    I’ve found one of these lined hoods comes in very handy when paired with my Special 6 shirt if the wind picks up above the snowline. I keep meaning to stitch the face baffle on but haven’t lost it yet as the Velcro is top quality stuff.
    The hood can be worn on its own as an unconventional hat with the sides folded up over the top
    I bought an unlined hood to fit my unlined windshirt and I’ve worn both over a fleece smock and a wooly hat and stayed pretty dry during a long night walk in the rain. Good for going to pub or cafe where the Special 6 shirt may be too warm.
    The fabric on all Buffalos dries very quickly and they really don’t let you down.
    I’ve tried reversing the Special 6 shirt and wearing it fur side out when hiking up to the snow line and this seems to be OK if all the zips are opened too.

  5. Rory says:

    The hood is fantastic, warm as and a perfect fit. It really lends the jacket a more solid winter feel. It brings the shirt (S6 for me) more life in my opinion.

    Buying a shirt….get a hood, no matter what your plan is, you won’t regret it.

  6. Paul says:

    I leave a DP hood permanently attached to my Buffalo windshirt. I use this combination for winter fell funning. It’s much warmer than a hat and I can just flip it up when I need it rather than mucking about in my bumbag looking for a hat; really handy when you get battered by a hail storm on the tops. In all honesty I’ve rarely had to use it mid race or training but it’s great to have up on the start line and be able to quickly drop it down when I get moving.

  7. Stephen Tomlinson says:

    A great addition to your Buffalo shirt. It can be used as a really efficient neck warmer. It’s brilliant in wet and or windy weather. And is ideal for sleeping in to keep your head warm at night. I find it doesn’t make my head itchy, like a hat sometimes will. Add in the fact that when it’s attached to your shirt you’ll never leave it at a brew stop, and it’s as perfect a piece of clothing as the rest of the Buffalo gear you’re wearing!

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