Men’s Mountain Shirt

The Buffalo Mountain Shirt is an award winning design classic, we are extremely flattered that it is probably one of the most copied outdoor garments.

Tested for over 30 years in the most hostile conditions it is highly respected by all who use it.

  • Pertex® Quantum shell (Formally known as Pertex Classic)
  • AquaTherm pile lining
  • Windproof to 50 mph
Available colours
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A single layer garment which is ideal for a multitude of outdoor uses including: winter hill walking, trekking, winter climbing and general outdoor activities.

Used by Mountain Rescue teams and outdoor professionals.

This garment works most efficiently when worn next to the skin.

Sizing is important as the shirt should be close fitting without being restrictive.

  • Storm baffles on neck and side zips
  • Touch-and-close adjustment tabs
  • Touch-and-close attachment on collar for hood (available separately)
  • Scooped back 10cm longer than front
  • Hand warmer pocket
  • Large front map pocket
  • Rucksack hip belt can be fastened through hand warmer pocket
  • Tape and buckle waist adjuster

Sizes: 36 / 38 / 40 / 42 / 44 / 46 / 48 / 50

Weight: 730g – Size 44

Mountain Shirt 36 38 40 42 44 46 48
Chest Measurement 36″
Inside Arm 23″
Neck 18″
Shirt Back Length 31.5″
Shirt Front Length 26″



All measurements are approximate. Buffalo Systems Limited reserve the right to amend any specifications in the interests of improving our products.


48 Reviews

  1. John says:

    An absolute classic, people I know have had one for over 10 years – check out the web for proof of extreme tests – then go buy one! You won’t be disappointed.

  2. Max says:

    I watched my mates live in theirs and swear by them for years before I stumped-up the considerable readies for what appeared to be a modest garment. What a plonker I was to have waited so long before luxuriating in this most important bit of kit I’ve ever worn. It’s literally saved my bacon or given me the edge on countless occasions, whether it be: static in horizontal rain, tabbing over the Beacons, motorbiking through the pre-dawn Fens or watching TV in freezing student digs. Lived in mine for about 15 years and only now is it tired enough to consider replacing. The Buffalo Mountain Shirt is the only outdoor kit I ever recommend, now. Don’t be a plonker, get one ASAP. Cheers, Buffalo!

  3. Stuart Stoneham says:

    Without doubt the best bit of kit you could ever buy of hill walking. (except your boots of course)

  4. Cle says:

    What an amazing piece of kit, it’s helped bring the fun back to working outside in the winter again, thank you Buffalo. 😀

  5. Phil Mars says:

    i have one of the original Buffalo jackets bought in Yeovil in 1980s,it is still a brilliant bit of kit but i intend to purchase a new one,and retire this one to the gardening jacket,a amazing bit of kit well done.
    PS I even fell in the river Dart with it on in mid winter, on getting out it drained but kept me warm.

  6. John says:

    Being a broke climber I spend Most of my money on petrol and cakes.
    Having a calling to enter a charity shop in Yorkshire one day I found a BUFFALO M Jacket (something I’ve always wanted) in top notch condition for the princely sum of 5.90!.
    This jacket has to be the best garment I’ve ever used outdoors, as well as looking cool, its excellent for belaying in cold damp conditions, keeping my concentration where it needs to be.
    Money well spent :), and when its life is over I’ll be getting myself a new one straight away, no cosmic ordering.

  7. STROG says:

    This warm jacket saved my skinny body many times from cold and strong winds in mountains of Croatia.
    Thank you,Buffalo.

  8. Natasha says:

    Bought mine 20 years ago in the UK and it is still good, although looking to buy new. Best thing I ever spent money on. Live in Canada, have done for a while, have worn it to run in the winter, play outdoors in the very cold and just as a jacket (always get great comments on how good it looks!)
    Never cold when I wear it. A brilliant hard wearing, long lasting jacket!

  9. John Crewe says:

    Can’t recommend this jacket enough. Until I bought it a year ago, I’d been using my wife’s 20 year old Big Face shirt which she bought to go up McKinley. That jacket is still in use, but I wanted a newer, smarter jacket for my sports coaching business. It performs amazingly in the cold, wind and rain. I’ve never been wet in it and I’ve used it in some serious Yorkshire Dales weather. Bombproof.

  10. Ryan says:

    Half a lifetime ago I listened (for once) to the nasty shouty training Corporal and spent what seemed like half my wages on a Buffalo and was glad I did. Every winter since then I have lorded it over my friends who were stupid enough to ignore my advice and opted to by some pointless down jacket. I dread to think how many times this amazing garment has saved my @r$e from freezing into a blubbering snoty mess in the bottom of a shell scrape or on a hillside somewhere. I’ve had to replace my initial purchase only twice, once be cause my running patch repairs couldn’t keep the jacket operationally effective anymore and the second time.because some thieving git liked the look of my new jacket. I have just recently purchased myself the buffalo sleeping bag and am now looking to some more lording after what is destined to be an amazing nights sleep. That you Buffalo, and I suppose thank you Cpl Spence.

  11. Maurice says:

    my mate has a buffalo mountain shirt . he go’s fishing sometimes all night even in the winter, i really didn’t believe him when he used to tell me how warm he was out there all night in the freezing weather, i just could not see how any jacket/shirt could keep you warm standing there in the cold all night, so i thought i would try one, i want one for going to Scotland every year, one for summer and one for winter, ive just had a teclite shirt and also ordered a mountain shirt, i thought they must be good, i see that there is a waiting list all the time. I haven’t tried mine yet but i will write again when ive tested it. Maurice

  12. Alan Smith says:

    Quite simply the best bit of kit you can buy for the British weather. I am on my 3rd one after 15 years. Splash out and get the hood. Very handy when it is driving rain. They keep you warm even when soaked providing you are moving, and dry out very quickly.
    Also got the bike version for really cold winter rides and it works just as well.

  13. Rozza says:

    I bought my Olive Green version whilst a keen Officer Cadet in 2003 and this took me through many OTC exercises and Cambrian Patrol. Since then it has been used countlessly including accompanying me in the rucksack or wearing it on over 100 Munros, and still going strong. Fantastic kit and complemented by the hood which I wish I had bought earlier, makes it very snug!

  14. Robert Grant says:

    I’ve used the same buffalo mountain shirt for the past 10 years in the armed forces and it is, by far, the best piece of kit I own. I have used it on Dartmoor, in the Alps, the Himalayas and the Pamirs and it has never let me down. It is now the first piece of kit that I pack for anywhere. As someone who has spent a lot of time outdoors and tried a lot of various kit products I cannot rate the Buffalo mountain shirt highly enough. Simply superb, and even better that it is still made in the UK. Well done and thank you to the folk at buffalo systems.

  15. Tim says:

    This is an essential bit of kit for anyone passionate about the outdoors. My Mountain Shirt came into its own on recent trips to the Himalayas and Alaska. The cold and wind were no match for its insulation and protection. The only negative is that its not waterproof, but you will realise that is not a problem when you’re wearing the Mountain Shirt. The fact that it doesn’t weigh much and lets me perform in extreme conditions means I always pack my Mountain Shirt and I can travel light. The Mountain Shirt really is a must buy – I wish I’d bought mine sooner – all other jackets I’ve owned pale in comparison.

  16. Munro Reid says:

    I cant rate these jackets high enough.
    My first one was purchased during the Bosnia conflict and it is still kept in my car boot for emergencies.

    I have since bought a new replacement along with the HA salopettes which is also doing me proud.
    I wear the salopettes under my breathable waders when fishing Scottish rivers during the winter and i never feel the cold.

    Top marks Buffalo

  17. Patrick says:

    Forget the old fashioned layering system.
    This is the most extraordinary piece of kit – no wonder the Royal Marines and American G.I’s still used them (Iraq and Afghanistan)..

    They are remarkably inexpensive and very light when compared to fleeces and soft-shell jackets etc…

    Just get one.

  18. Tim says:

    Originally bought a shirt almost 30 years ago and loved it. Then family life intervened! Now I’m into cycling but, having read some reviews, decided that the shirt wasn’t for me (overheating etc). As my partner is a keen walker, I invested in a shirt again, but decided to go out cycling with it. It was fantastic!! I chose a wet, cold, windy day and deliberately included a lot of hills and exposed moorland. I was absolutely as snug as a bug in a rug.

    After a bit of early venting (on a particularly long climb), I didn’t really need to make any further adjustments. I felt like I was at a constant temperature whether I was hurtling downhill into driving rain and wind, or slogging it up yet another hill. The waist strap was useful to keep chills out (of course, the cycle shirt is designed to overcome this) and it was great to have just one layer rather than the 4 or 5 I would normally have on this kind of ride.

    Normally, when I stop for refreshments, I have to peel off these (damp, sweaty) layers so I don’t get chilly, only to have to put the same damp clothes on again when I set off. With the mountain shirt, I just opened up the side vents and experienced no chill at all.

    When I get home I usually peel off these damp, smelly layers and put them in the washing machine. I was astonished to find that, not only was the pile lining completely dry, but it didn’t smell in the slightest (and that was after 6 hours in the saddle).

    I wore the mits as well and, after a few hours, they were completely sodden. My fingers did get a bit chilly but soon warmed up come the next hill. Actually, I discovered that, because my core was nice and warm, I was better off without the gloves! Of course, if you are walking you can pop your hands in the hand warmer pocket.

    Adjusting the vents whilst on the move was easy (and better than stopping to add/remove layers), although the zips had a tendency to catch on the baffles. Adjusting the zips one-handed meant I couldn’t always ensure the baffle was out of the way.

    Another real bonus was that, whenever I stopped (eg. to check my map) I didn’t experience that sudden chill that I usually get cycling round in layers of damp, sweaty clothes. I was in no rush to set off and get my body temperature back up again.

    So, despite its very ‘uncycly’ appearance, this is now my number one choice. I imagine it’s probably too bulky/hot for pure heads-down road riding, but for cyclists like me who head out in all weathers to explore new routes without worrying about average speed, Strava times etc it’s pretty much perfect.

  19. Jon says:

    Buffalo was one of the first pieces of kit I purchased when I was learning to climb in Tremadog in the 80’s. Since that time a Buffalo has been close at hand and has travelled with me all over the world and been used in many conditions.

    My first jacket joined the Royal Marines with me and went ‘missing’ within a few short weeks only to be replaced on weekend leave! That kit went on to be with me through all of my bother through the rest of my time and all jobs.

    Time moved on and marriage and children came. The wife got Buffalo as a present (moaning about “Freezing weather” soon fell strangely silent”! Now my son has learned the value of Buffalo, whilst learning to canoe….tsk!! Still he remained warm and raved about how good his new jacket is! ……I am sneaking up on the daughter… glad purple is in the line-up!

  20. Marc says:

    I’ve had my Mountain Shirt and DP hood for two years now. Hiked with them in the wettest Scotland can manage. Skied with them in the coldest the Alps can manage. This is the best kit I’ve ever had. It’s very light, very warm and drying so fast that you won’t even notice that it’s not fully waterproof.
    When I get home after walking the dogs in a downpour, I keep the jacket on inside the house as it dries faster when I’m wearing it!
    And by the time I reach the pub after a hike, it’s already dry.
    But the main advantage for hikes is that you don’t need to bring any base layers, jumpers or hats. You’ll end up wondering why your backpack is so light… 🙂

  21. Tim says:

    I’ve had a mountainshirt since 1988. It’s been everywhere with me, walking, summer and winter climbing, sking, fishing, bird watching, mooching in the yukky rain. I was out in it today in the horrid rain and cold and I was reminded once again just how fab it is. It was red when new, now it’s almost white and I’m thinking it might just be about time I got another as the accidental rips and tears of 27years of abuse are starting to add up. What an amazing thing. I shall be sad indeed when it’s retired but on the other hand another one will see me into old age.

  22. Dan says:

    I was at an off road trial with my brother he had his mountain shirt on, car ended up rolling into water, he ended up laying in the water for a few mins whilst the car was righted. he dried out quickly and it kept him warm despite it being cold enough for snow.
    very impressed!

  23. Peter says:

    Brilliant. I totally recommend this. If you’re still on the fence, get off it. Commit to Buffalo and say goodbye to other gear. The Buffalo System is all you need. This Mountain Shirt is brilliant for autumn and winter. I bought the accessory hood which transforms it into a complete winter solution. I can wear my Belay Jacket over this Mountain Shirt when the weather gets worse. Wearing the Mountain Shirt with optional accessory hood in inclement weather gives me a similar feeling to being inside with a good book and hot chocolate on a stormy night. It’s that good. I don’t care what the weather is like now – with Buffalo gear I can get it and enjoy the great outdoors in any weather. *****

  24. Eoin says:

    Totally recommend. Bought mine early 90s. West of Ireland, Alps, Himalayas. Still going strong. Nuff said.
    (Not for the ‘Pose on my way to the office’ crowd.)

  25. Javed says:

    One of the best bits of outdoor clothing that I own. Add the hood and gloves and this kit really does work in heavy rain and sub-zero conditions. In January 2016 I became the first person to complete a double winter Pennine Way and wore the same top (without washing !) for 15 days straight. It seemed to stay fresh(ish) and more than survived the rigours of a 540 mile adventure.

  26. Alice says:

    still wearing the buffalo jacket which was my dads- he bought it over 25 years ago 🙂 lovely warm jacket although it is looking a little tired now and it is way too big for me! Still works as an emergency layer that has been chucked over lots of layers in 50mph winds and snow.

  27. Phil says:

    Quite simply an outstanding bit of kit. I bought mine about 15 years ago when I was serving in the Irish Defense Forces & it’s is still in great condition. I now do a lot of hiking & have regularly use it in heavy rain, sub-zero conditions on some of the highest mountains in Ireland.

  28. Stephen Tomlinson says:

    I’ve looked at these before and decided to make the commitment. I’ve worn it a few times now and I’m so impressed. Well made and well designed. The map pocket and the hand warming pocket are immense. I was a bit sceptical about not needing a base layer but it’s been fine. It’s very comfortable and not itchy or scratchy. Now all I need is a spell of cold wet weather to really appreciate it! 🙂

  29. Noel Wilson says:

    I have a buffalo , what can I say… other than awesome. I have been the fortunate owner of my Buffalo for over 15 years it’s kept me very warm in the mountains of Wales, the Lakes and now here in Ontario, -30’S and still warm.

  30. Dave says:

    I’ve had one of these in black for about 20 years now, I think i paid about £80 back in 1997..? it has the old gold logo on it. Pound for Pound this is probably he best bit of outdoor kit I have ever bought.
    If you follow the care/washing instructions it keeps all but the worst weather out, even after 20 years, and when it does get wet through, it is still warm (don’t be silly and wear cotton underneath it, if you expect to get sweaty or rained on).
    Its probably a bit too warm for serious active hill walking unless its seriously cold, I find I have to use a Teclite shirt most of the time which is kind of the Mountain shirts cooler brother. So if you feel the cold, or you are doing some hill walking in very cold weather, or you are going to be doing something less active in cold weather this is perfect.
    mine is still going strong even though the pile is geting a bit flat in places, I have turned it inside out once or twice and brushed it, which helped, but 20 years of regular use is a long time, so I’m not complaining.
    I’d highly recommend one.

  31. Richard says:

    I am writing to congratulate you on an awesome piece of kit. I bought my Buffalo Mountain Shirt nearly 30 years ago while I was an Army Cadet in Cumbria, it was my favourite bit of ‘gucci kit’ on weekends and annual camps. I subsequently joined the British Army and my Buffalo never left my side, I wore it on Soltau training area in Germany religiously. I was then deployed on Operation Granby (Desert Storm), and the lads laughed at me when I packed my buffalo for the desert, but there was no way I was going to war without it. As it happened the expected desert conditions were not immediately apparent and I was the guy laughing at the boys shivering in the vehicles on the long night road and air move to drop us off with our vehicles ready for the ‘big push’, we did our stuff and returned to Germany for tea and medals.
    I then went through various training and development courses including Combat Engineer training in freezing weather which my faithful old Buff handled with ease. My next challenge for my bovine buddy was a year in Canada as Permanent staff at BATUS (British Army Training unit Suffield) in Alberta near a place called Medicine Hat, rather apt in that this was one of the original Crowfoot Indian Buffalo Hunting grounds. My Mountain Shirt continued to be part of pretty much my basic daily layering, and I could not fault it. I even shunned the then newly issued Norweigen Army Shirt in favour of it when the temperature on the prairie dropped to -27° C. I was rewarded by the buff and remained toasty warm compared to others who were not as fortunate.
    On return to Germany I was posted back to the UK to Salisbury Plain as part of a new concept training unit and spent 5 years on various operational tours and exercises and as a landmine and EOD instructor with my second skin or ‘Buffalo hide’ as essential wear.
    I left the Army 18 years ago and joined the fire and rescue service where I defaulted to type and my Buffalo was never far away, in my gear bag every shift and I wore it on many cold morning’s washing down fire engines and cleaning up hose and servicing small gear after fires and road accidents.
    As an instructor at the local fire training centre my ‘olive green’ now faded and well worn Buffalo became a common talking point as I would wear it when setting up training scenarios and preparing Breathing apparatus and training burns. I wore it on an Urban Search and Rescue (collapsed structure’s) awareness course at the Fire Service College at Moreton-In-Marsh Gloucestershire and before the course was over a number of the lads had gone out and bought there own shiny new black Buffalo shirts. I was adamant I wasn’t changing my trusty Buff bud though. The Buffalo Mountain Shirt is now standard issue at the college (although I can’t take the credit for that).
    Fast forward another 5 years to 2010, the eldest of my 4 kids decided he was going to join the Army Cadets here in Cumbria, on his first weekend camp I introduced him to my trusty old mountain shirt. He took it with him and for the 3 years he was a cadet he took it on every weekend and summer and easter camp. He subsequently joined the Army himself and at me request he handed the shirt back to me. Since then my second son, and eldest daughter have also used the same Buffalo religiously for cadet camps, and I still tuse it when in the fells and when kayaking etc.
    As you can imagine, it is well worn and starting to show signs of being close to retirement, however it is still in use frequently by my daughter for cadets, and my advancing age and waistline mean I will soon no longer be able to wear it without it looking like a lycra crop top …!
    I now work as a Fire and Emergency Manager and miss my Buffalo dearly when out on the ground and also when leading rescues or training sessions / exercises , which led me to start thinking about a new and improved Buffalo shirt. I mentioned this to my daughter which led me to tell her it’s story and she suggested that you guys might find it interesting to know what a superb piece of kit it has been for me, and how it is almost a family heirloom.
    So there it is, the story of my Buffalo. .. I now have to convince the wife that I need to buy a new one and that the investment will be sound.
    I have attached some photos of my trusty Buff and I hope my rambling tale is if nothing else of some amusement to you all at Buffalo systems.
    Cheers and keep doing what you do.

  32. Paul says:

    If only I’d bought my Mountain Shirt 30 years ago rather than last December. I could have saved a fortune on layers and shells and been way more comfortable on many days in the British mountains.

    Since buying it I’ve walked from -10c of windchill on an icy Lake District summit to the inside of a warm Keswick caff and been equally comfortable in both places, with no change of kit required. I’ve gone fell-running in the snow and got straight on to a train, again, always at that ‘just right’ temperature. And the map pocket is superb too.

    After 40 years in the mountains and plenty of money spent on gear I can say with total confidence it’s the best bit of kit I’ve ever bought. Extraordinary. Truly the ‘one layer to rule them all’.

  33. Andy says:

    The best bit of kit you will ever own. I own two Buffalo Mountain Shirts. A Blue and Black/Charcoal. I live in them, I throw it on first thing in the morning take the dog for a walk. Cycle to work in them go out hiking in them. I wear one at work where I am outside all day and night in all weathers. They are not cheap but you will not be disappointed they are quality. I am traveling to Norway at the end of this winter I don’t think I will need any other big bulky jackets I am that confident in their performance. I can easily sit around in my living room with the heating on full whack in it too and not bake then go outside where it’s -4•c without needing any other layer I have no idea how they have made such a versatile piece of essential clothing but I’m glad they have! A green one next might as well complete the set!!

  34. John says:

    The Buffalo Mountain Shirt is probably the best piece of outdoor clothing I have ever owned. I cannot remember exactly when I got it but know it was late 1980’s early 90’s. since then I have used it for walking, mountain biking, skiing and general use when cold. Also used it during winter for the last eight years at least five days a week for work as a field engineer climbing towers.
    Sadly I ripped it last week, and the pertex around the cuffs has worn. Some tape soon fixed the rip. But I don’t think 28 years of heavy winter use is bad!
    It has kept me warm even when wet. A quick wring out and you can put it back on damp and it will dry. The best thing is it keeps the wind out.
    For real outdoor use it is an essential piece of kit.
    Looks like I may have to purchase a new one, hopefully it too will last nearly 30 years.
    I have also had a couple of wind shirts which I used mainly for mountain biking. These were also excellent, kept out the wind let out the sweat and could even use them as a towel.

  35. Stephen says:

    Like so many on here I bought mine for work, took it to Canada, Salisbury, Afghanistan and it done a good 4/5 German winters. For what it is, it is by far the best jacket to buy, I’ve had mine around 8 years and it has never failed me. I do have a tip for people who have owned one of these for a fair amount of time.

    After a few tumble dries it loses its wormth retaining capabilities, so get your wife to dig out a tangle teazer hair brush and go to town on all the fibres, it’s like you’ve added a heater inside the jacket. I forgot how warm this thing can be.

    If you don’t own one of these and find yourself in the cold more often than not buy it now. You will never resent the cash you spent.

  36. Dave says:

    Saved me from extreme discomfort and possibly hypothermia when out on good days and nights that have turned bad.Trust the shirt next to the skin and get the size right and you will be more than happy.

  37. Damien says:

    Without doubt the best bit of additional civilian kit that I purchased whilst serving in the Royal Marines over 28 years ago. This jacket went everywhere with me, and is still going strong today. This should be at the top of the shopping list

  38. Lester says:

    I would point out that a Buffalo shirt is bulky in your pack….except that they are so versatile, they never see the inside of a carrier.
    I bought mine 30-ish years ago and it has been first choice, for climbing, walking and (winter) cycling throughout. The Pertex looks flimsy- and is anything but. My shirt has been extremely durable and that reliability is so reassuring, that I can travel lighter, with complete confidence. Fans of fashion continue to laugh at my choice. Fans of function have followed my example and I have never heard a criticism of this product, over many years spent in bothies, howffs, hillside bars and camp sites. I’m not especially easy on my gear and I shudder to think how many fleeces, rain jackets and thermal vests I would have bought, had I never discovered the simplicity and extreme ergonomics of this clothing. I purchased a Special Six replacement, about seven or eight years back. I assumed the shirt was coming to it’s end. I’m still waiting.

  39. artur gajda says:

    first of all, many thanks to Edward from Buffalo, who professionally supported me in claiming warranty return of the shirt from one of the dutch retailers. Thank you Edward! If all producers had such a great care for their customers…

    I bought the shirt for my trip to Himalayas planned for winter. Before the trip I was preparing myself in winter conditions in NL and PL. And boy, the shirt is fabulous! And do not be a fool! Do wear it on bear skin as they recommend. At first I was skeptical and I used it on thermoactive t-shirt (polymers mix with merino wool). Once the t-shirt got wet from sweat, I was immediately getting cold on my back during stop overs! I never had that problem when wearing the shirt on bear skin even when sweating a lot, it still felt nice and cozy on my skin! No cold shivers!

    The shirt during hiking was excellent below 5 C degrees! In warmer environment it was just too hot in it and not comfortable. Yes, the ventilation works great, but I was still feeling uncomfortable (i.e. cold wind gusts on my back).
    I tried it at also at -4/-7 C degrees on bear skin, and it was awesome. My buddies could not believe I am going out for hiking only in that shirt on my skin. I think I could wear it up to -10 C degrees comfortably. Perhaps even -15. Note: this is very individual preference, since everybody has different comfort zone. But I am usually very cold, I mean I get cold easily, and like warm conditions rather than winter.

    I also got to use it in mild snow fall for many hours of hiking, as well as in mild constant rain – it did not leak (wearing backpack), although I was pretty sure I felt moist on my shoulders, when arrived home and took it off it was paper dry inside! Nicely surprised!

    I have 2 complaints though. First, the zippers get stuck quite often, and as long as it is easy to deal with it at the chest pocket, it is very irritating when you want to deal with it at the side vents and wearing backpack, especially when you are tired after few hours of hiking… It is not that easy to reach to the zipper when wearing heavy backpack, and when it gets stuck, you pretty much have not choice but to stop and take the bag off you…
    Second complaint is the hood attachment, or should I say the collar and its velcro arrangement for the hood. It is matched in such a way, that when you have the hood attached, the neck collar folds inwards and your neck skin has direct contact with the pertex liner, which in cold environment gives you freezing shivers on your neck. I did not appreciate that on long, tiring hikes during winter. But it is really minor issue.
    Other than that – the shirt is 100% what Buffalo claims it is, and it is worth every penny!

    Warm regards and greeting from Poland and Netherlands!

  40. Adam says:

    Thanks Artur – much appreciated. Any queries in the future please let our team know.

  41. Dean Westerman says:

    Bought mine in 1994, still going strong today although the inner pile is a little less now, but still works very well. I’ve been to the extremes in conditions down to -36 for months at a time. All i can say is ‘what a garment’ this is my go to top and easily comes top of my to pack outdoing all of the other garments that i have. I remember having it for only a few months and i got a small tear in the front ( about 5mm) i placed a bit of black gaffa tape on to temp repair. To this day some 26 years later, i still haven’t repaired the tear and it’s still no bigger than it was when i first got the tear, thats how good the ripstop material is. All i do is place a little tape on every month or so and its as good as new. To be honest, it adds to the garment, almost like a scar. Gives it character. Thinking about getting the Blue one now for both me and the wifey, but will just be using for normal camping / walking ect. Just wondering if i’ll get any discount ??. Love it, its brill

  42. William says:

    I bought a mountain shirt in my teens, I am now 48 and it’s on the coat rack. I used it in the alps and in the caucuses sleeping out in snow. I used it in the TA for a few years (it’s olive) I used it hiking in New Zealand and I use it still on family walks. It works with quite a bit of rain and also isn’t too hot due to the side zips. I now run for an armature team and I use it by the track. If it was not so green it would have had a whole lot more use. Thanks guys.

  43. Mick says:

    I have had this for ~2 years and wear it mostly on the Peak District and Dartmoor National Park. It has been absolutely excellent in that time.
    Whilst not waterproof, it keeps out quick and heavy downpours, and sustained rain still takes some time to get in. Even then, it only really comes in through the zips in my experience, though I haven’t done all day rain walks.
    It keeps me perfectly warm and is really windproof, if you get too warm the side zips are good at ventilating. I generally wear this when the temperature is below 10 degrees and the weather is cloudy. Although they say to wear next to the skin, I find the wind comes through the side zips a bit so usually wear this with a t-shirt.
    I would definitely recommend this jacket to anyone and was sold a lot on the basis that others seem to have kept theirs for >10 years. The fact it is made in the UK is a big plus too.

  44. Ben Hack says:

    A fellow student introduced me to Buffalo Mountain Shirts on my first field trip while an Undergraduate studying Geological Sciences at the University of Leeds in 1995. I bought one immediately, even though I probably had to forgo a few pints to make it happen. It then never left me for the next 4 years as I spent months mapping remote areas of Scotland, Wales and Ireland for weeks on end in all kinds of miserable weather conditions. It never let me down. Sadly, somebody else saw its value at some point and decided to make it theirs….. Fast forward, and after years of living in Canada and enduring Canadian winters in Alberta, I took the plunge again, and the Mountain Shirt never let me down. Climbing in the Rockies in winter is no problem, as are snowshoeing, trail running, and alpine skiing – NO problem, always toasty warm. Fast forward again, and it’s now taken me up some of the highest peaks in North America. My wife always makes fun of me about how much I love this shirt and how much I talk about it… I think she’s a little jealous and threatened by the Mountain Shirts’ presence in my life.

  45. Nick says:

    Persuaded to buy a light and dark grey one with red lining in Yeovil in the 80s, immediately slogged all over the Lakes in it for a week. It was worn to so many amazing places. The original still exists, now worn by the (slimmer) other half. I love a newer dark grey one – need a green version for work; or should that be the Special 6 this time…?

    Amazing achievement Buffalo!

  46. Paul says:

    I’ve had my mountain shirt for just over 30 years. I had stopped wearing it a good few years ago and it has sat unloved in the loft. I had forgotten how good it was, but dug it out recently because I had been freezing to death trying to cycle in recent winter weather. Needless to say, it was perfect, warm and dry and is once again my ‘go to’ for cold weather cycling.

  47. Bob says:

    Just bought a Mountain shirt in black, very pleased with the product and quality. This is my second one, the other is green and was bought 18 years ago (2006) and is as good today as when first purchased it. They are brilliant when you need another layer and are robust, they wash well and are made to last. Just bought a pair of Buffalo mittens too which are brilliant as they pocket warm air and keep your fingers toasty!

  48. Rob says:

    Bought a mountain shirt five years ago and since then it’s been without a doubt the best bit of kit I own. From fieldwork on the moors to island hopping trips in Scotland it’s been brilliant – even wore it whilst running the Tea Round in filthy conditions where it absolutely saved the day. If you’re thinking about buying one, just bite the bullet and do it. Like others have said here, in a few years time you’ll be wondering why you hesitated.

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