How do I treat oily stains on my Buffalo?

Generally, for any oily stains, we recommend spot cleaning the area with a small amount of pure soap or a special agent such as Nikwax Tech Wash and then putting the jacket or shirt in the wash following the wash instructions.

Buffalo outdoor clothing

Can I wash my Buffalo?

Absolutely.  Regular washing helps to maintain the performance of Buffalo products and helps you keep your friends.  Washing helps restores the loft of the pile fabric and separates the fibres, revitalising performance.  Should the pile be excessively matted, even after washing, gentle brushing with a soft brush will separate the fibres.  Please follow our washing instructions.

What is the best way to wash my Buffalo product?

  • Do NOT dry clean
  • Do NOT tumble dry
  • Do NOT use Fabric conditioner
  • Do NOT use a wash in waterproofing agent
  • Maximum washing temperature is 30°c.
  • Ideally wash in Nikwax Tech Wash.  Follow washing instructions.
  • Use only a small amount of detergent and no fabric conditioner.  Too much detergent can leave a residue.  Rinse well.
  • Do not use ‘Biological’ detergents, as they can shorten the lifespan of the proofing and affect colour.  If worried that too much detergent or ‘Biological’ has been used rinse thoroughly in clear water.
  • Always close touch and close fasteners.
  • All Texturised products (Travelite trousers etc) should be turned inside out before washing to reduce pilling.
  • Nikwax TX Direct SPRAY ON can be applied to the Pertex outer only after washing. Follow instructions on the bottle.

Sleeping bags are best washed in an industrial-sized machine such as in a laundrette.  A large domestic washing machine will suffice.

The pile in my Buffalo has gone flat over many years of use. Is there anything I can do to loft it back up again?

Depending on the age of your garment, loss of loft should not affect performance.  Short term fixes to increase the loft (e.g. gently brushing) may help, but pile flattened over many years cannot really be rescued and, although your garment will be as breathable as it was on day one, you may need to relegate it to the next season down.