How do I store my electronics items in my Buffalo Systems garment

The pockets on our jackets and shirts are not fully waterproof and we would advise against putting electrical items in the outer and inner pockets. The pockets are used for venting to increase the breathability of the item and reduce the amount of perspiration that gets trapped.

If you wish to store any electronic items in your jacket pockets we’d advise storing them in a waterproof container (such as a drybag).

Buffalo Systems is not responsible for any damage to electronic or other delicate items stored in pockets.

Is a Buffalo going to be warm enough when I go walking in winter?

Buffalo is definitely going to keep you warm and comfortable for winter walking, whatever the conditions. By using one of our DP System Shirts, legwear from either the DP System or Teclite Trousers or Salopettes, and one of our Jackets as an over layer for very harsh conditions or times of lower activity, Buffalo will be all you need.

Can I wear a Shirt with Teclite Pile over a base layer or should it be worn next to the skin like my DP Shirt.

Teclite pile lined Shirts are incredibly versatile and can be worn either way depending on your activity. If you are walking, or expect rain, the shirt can be worn next to the skin for premium wicking-ability. If climbing, or just in need of a windproof layer, the shirt can be worn over a base layer, thin fleece, or even under our DP garments as a windproof.

Buffalo outdoor clothing

I measure a 41” chest. Should I go for a 40” or a 42” Shirt?

We usually suggest going for a 42” as a 40” could be slightly tight across the shoulders.

What are the side zips for?

The side zips are designed for venting the garment if you start to feel too warm. Opening the zips from the armpits downwards (rather than from the bottom up) will allow a flow of air round the body without leaving you exposed to the elements.

Do the arm sizes change as the garments get bigger or smaller?

The arm lengths of our garments remain in proportion throughout the size range. We do, however offer a Specials service if you need any of our garments with longer or shorter arms or legs.

Can I layer up different Buffalo Shirts and Jackets from different Buffalo systems?

Yes. The Buffalo systems are highly versatile and all systems can be combined. Adding a Windshirt or ActiveLite Shirt to a Mountain or Special 6 Shirt can be beneficial in heavy rain if you are not moving particularly fast at the time. They will keep more moisture out but will not make the garments waterproof.

What happens if it rains when I am wearing my Buffalo?

Buffalo loves the rain, (though no Buffalo product is waterproof)!  Wear your Buffalo Shirt correctly, i.e. next to your skin and the correct size, and you will remain comfortable as long as you maintain gentle activity. Your body will heat the pile and any water that permeates the outer will be deflected by the pile layer. The more heat you produce, the more effective this process. In particularly heavy rain or during low activity we would suggest adding a Buffalo Jacket to keep the weather out, but as soon as activity recommences, or the rain reduces, you will be able to remove the outer layer and continue.