What size hood should I buy for my Buffalo?

We have produced a size guide which shows what size Hood pairs with which Shirt. This can be found in the product details section on the product pages.

I need a hood to fit over my climbing helmet. What should I choose?

The Expedition Hood fits over most modern climbing helmets.

How do your sizes work when choosing a Buffalo garment as some are chest sized and some are S, M, L and XL?

Our more technical pieces offer chest-sizing as fit is critical to performance.  Less technical garments are in sizes S, M, L and XL – the regular sizing method will still give you a great fit without any loss of performance.

What size Jacket should I wear over my Buffalo Shirt?

For Buffalo Jackets that come in chest sizes, i.e.  40” 42” 44” etc, we always recommend going one size up from your Shirt size if you are going to wear it over one of our Shirts. If you are wearing a Jacket over conventional clothing you will normally buy a Jacket in your regular chest size, though it is always best to find a retailer who carries Buffalo to get their advice or please give us a call for advice.

What is the best clothing to wear for High Altitude Mountaineering or very cold weather conditions?

If you are going to be travelling to ‘extreme’ conditions, please call us for specific advice on your requirements. As a general rule a Shirt from the DP Range, combined with a Jacket, the Parka, a pair of Salopettes, Hood and Mitts including an XXL Overmitt should keep you warm to about -40°C, depending on the level of activity.  This system has been used to 7400m altitude and in the Antarctic by the British Antarctic Survey among others. Any higher or colder than this may require an all-in-one Down suit.

What should I wear under my Buffalo Shirt?

Ideally, nothing. A base layer will trap perspiration and the resulting dampness will reduce your body temperature and make you feel cold.  In extreme conditions this could lead to hypothermia.